Hi. I’m Cyndi, and I read. I read a lot.

I love words. Their etymologies, their cadences, their power.

But most of all, I love stories.  At some point, your story probably consumed your life  – maybe it still does.  It was all you thought about, all you wanted to talk about, to the point your friends had to stage an intervention. You woke up thinking about it, jotted notes on napkins as a line of dialogue came to you, and then you went to bed and dreamed about it. You know the characters you’ve created. Intimately.  Every single detail of their lives. They’re your creations. You want others to know them and love them, too.

I understand.

You see – I read, and I know what works and what doesn’t.   As I read, I make mental notes of the elements in the story that work. Why is this one so much better than that one? Why do I feel like skipping over this page (ahem, info dump), and why have I gotten so lost in this part of the story that I’ve let the kettle boil dry?

I’m an editor of stories, and I can help you.

I promise I won’t let the story lose its integrity while we sharpen its focus.  Your voice will be heard, loud and clear, as it should.  I’ll do my best to help you make it a better story, one that your  readers will remember and recommend to their friends, and perhaps, if we’re both very good at what we do, they will re-read it. I think that’s the best compliment of all, don’t you?

I look forward to working with you!



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